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At Optimal Planning Solutions, we are uniquely qualified in that we are able to synthesize our strong sports background with leading-edge optimization technology. With over 20 years in the sports industry, we have unmatched experience dealing with the specific scheduling objectives and constraints that must be considered during the scheduling process. Furthermore, we are on the leading edge of optimization technology, specifically with the application of parallel processing and cloud-based computing to optimization.

Professional Leagues and Competitions

We are the global leader in providing optimization-based scheduling solutions to the sports industry. We have been providing software and consulting services to professional sports leagues and international sporting competitions since 1999. Our client base covers a broad spectrum of sporting events and competitions across North America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. We believe that the playing schedule can be one of the most effective marketing tools for a league and its teams. Our proprietary software and solving tools can deliver schedules that:

  • Maximize broadcast viewership and attendance, by placing the highest-potential games in the highest-potential time slots.
  • Ensure competitive fairness and respect player health and welfare.
  • Balance the needs of all stakeholders: Teams, broadcasters, venues, and fans!

Our Clients


We chose Optimal Planning Solutions because they were able to best solve all of our complex issues as they relate to schedule-making. The company not only understood our unique requirements but also created a tool that greatly improves the timeliness of our scheduling process as well as the quality of the schedule.

Michael North, VP of Broadcast Planning

Creating Major League Soccer's game schedule is undoubtedly one of the most complex, challenging and important undertakings each year. Optimal Planning Solutions understood this from the beginning and helped simplify the process and maximize the schedule's potential whilst considering travel constraints, key match-ups, overall balance and much more. Optimal Planning Solutions were very responsive, thorough and service oriented. Major League Soccer gladly endorses Optimal Planning Solutions schedule making services as they are not fully satisfied until you are fully satisfied.

Brad Pursel, SVP, Media

The degree of complexity involved with producing the schedule is a mammoth task. To our surprise, none of our constraints or requests daunted Optimal Planning Solutions and within days we had a number of alternative schedules which more than exceeded our expectations. I would have no reservations at all about recommending the virtues of Optimal Planning Solutions to any other sporting organisation wrestling with the complexity of producing the best possible schedule to meet their specific requirements.

Graham Annesley, C.O.O., National Rugby League


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